Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Fidden sunset

After returning to Uisken we loaded up the kayaks and drove back to Fidden on the Ross of Mull. We arrived just as the sun was setting.

One of the cottages in Fidden was momentarily bathed in this beautiful warm light...

... until the orb of the Sun sank below the distant rocks of Iona and the gathering darkness of night wrapped around us.



  1. Wonderful images. Best light at the two ends of a day. "liquid" light.

  2. Thank you Silbs, if only there were clear skies, we could enjoy the golden hours in winter about 8am and 330pm, very civilised! It's harder to catch those summer dawns!

  3. I love this site... Great images Douglas! I'm a member of the recently re-formed Uist Canoeing Club - maybe we can meet up when you're cruising the Hebrides some time?

  4. Thank you Gododdin, I love Uist, my father-in-law's family come from Solas. I do hope we meet on a sunny day on Traigh Iar! :o)