Saturday, November 03, 2007

Swanning about on the river

The estuary of the River Garnock which flows into the Firth of Clyde at Irvine was teeming with bird life. In addition to these mute swans there were also whooper swans just in from Iceland. Flocks of peewits filled the skies with their effortless swirling and fluttering flight.

In comparison to the peewits, the swan's flight is like a miracle of heavy engineering.

What a magnificent sight!



  1. Great photos, Douglas! I especially like the one at the bottom. I've been trying to get some good water fowl shots recently and have learned how difficult it is to catch these birds on film (err... digitals?).

  2. Lovely swan pics Douglas. Glad to hear the whooper swans are arriving. Lots of goldeneyes on Ullswater today. Must be nearly winter!


  3. Thank you Michael and Andrea. Yes its getting colder and the nights are drawing in. The whole of the estuary was full of bird life. Even the rubbish round the harvbour end did not detract from it.