Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Spouting cave, Iona

We circumnavigated Iona in an anticlockwise direction. We rounded its south west headland to discover a wonderland of stacks, islands, tidal channels hidden bays and caves.

This cave was deep and had amazing colours in the walls. There was white shell sand below its turquoise water...

...and a little sandy beach right at the back of the cave.

The next cave is called "spouting cave". In the gentle swell it was more like a kettle than a cave but you can imagine what it would be like in an Atlantic storm.



  1. The tiny inlet inside the coloured cave is one of the best images I have seen, Douglas.
    Thanks for it.

  2. Thanks Wenley :o)

    It was taken with a Canon 5d 24-105L IS lens at 24mm, 1/8 sec, f4.0, iso 1600, no flash.

  3. A great spot Douglas. The Iona rocks turn a mad pink colour in the evening sun sometimes. We used to bimble over there with a pal mine who stays at nearby Bunessan & take their kids. There's a hole in the top that cave which spouts, nay, jettisons each wave like a geyser as it compresses into the back.

    Squat over it & you WILL get irrigated. Refreshing in the heat of summer, a little alarming in a Baltic winter. :)

  4. Good grief Si, that is some imagination you have. All I can say is "Ouch!" at the mere thought of squatting over that spout!

    I will bidet you good day.