Monday, November 12, 2007

Holy Island and Arran's rocky ridges

The cold, clear air at the weekend gave a great view of Holy Island and Arran's rocky ridges. This view across the Firth of Clyde was taken from just above Dunure. The low winter sun gave a lovely light to the underside of the clouds. Holy Island is 25km from Dunure and Arran's highest summit, Goatfell (874m), is 37km distant.

Watch out for an article about Holy Island and Arran in Issue 5 of Ocean Paddler magazine.



  1. Great shot! It's nice to be able to place it as Gillespie's book has given me a good sense of the whereabouts of many places I see in your pictures.

  2. Thank you Michael, feeling the ca :o)ll of the Isles yet?

  3. Most excellent image. I enjoy your work.