Saturday, November 24, 2007

Getting old

Turnberry lighthouse is surrounded by a seething sea kicked up by a force seven sou'westerly.

Yesterday we had no wind and full sunshine, I was looking forward to a calm paddle in crisp winter sunshine today.

It would have been good for windsurfing but it was only 7 degrees. I must be getting old, I went for a quiet walk round Culzean instead.



  1. With age comes wisdom... and a few quiet walks. Take pleasure in it!

  2. Hi Douglas I went to Loch Lomond on Friday and what a lovely winters special day it was. Water was like a millpond and the 11.10 clyde coastguard broadcast said" Malin force 8 to 9 then Storm 10 immanent! I was wondering if I would have this in the afternoon but as I left at 4pm under a day of a full moon still calm.Seeing your pictures it arrived Saturday!
    Not a jet ski motor boat to be seen just the solar powered boat from balloch out, Fantastic

  3. Good advice Michael, I see myself taking it with some increasing frequency!

    Alan, I envy you! I love Loch Lomond in the winter. Friday was really lovely but I was stuck at work. The only thing that made it easier to bear was, think I did some good at work on Friday.

  4. Nonsense - probably 10 years ago you'd also have gone for a walk. Or a pint. Cold is cold is just not worth it. I was in Trinity Bay this weekend. By god but it looked miserable cold. Didn't even think about paddling. Although I missed a good hike. Alison

  5. Regarding Michael's comment: With age comes wisdom. Sometimes age comes alone :)

  6. Alison, perhaps you are right. Anyway I went mountain biking the next day to make up for it. "0 years ago I cyled right to the summit of Bennan. My daughter Jennifer cycled all the way up but Mike, Tony and I had to push up the last kilometer or so. It was great coming down!

    Silbs I am with you there. My memory is not all that good but I seem to have lost some things over the years.