Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Expedition planning

We are so lucky here in the west coast of Scotland, we have fantastic sea kayaking right on our doorstep. We do not have to embark on lengthy expeditions to get our fix of paddling. However, the staff of do go on little mini expeditions of a week to 10 days or so. The depths of winter seems to be a good time to make plans with like minded friends.

I have been blessed to paddle with some of the nicest people you could meet anywhere. Here are two of them, Tony and David. As you can see there is a commonality of purpose, indeed single mindedness, in the pursuit of the expedition's objectives.



  1. Douglas,
    Anytime you're interested, or thinking about inviting others on such expeditions, give a thought to the sisters (& brothers I suppose) of Nfld. This sort of single-mindedness and focus could be encouraged in an excursion with those from 'across the pond.' Arduous as it may be, we're up to the challenge :)A

  2. Me too, Douglas. I know I can handle that sort of arduous paddling, maybe even something tougher!

  3. Hi Douglas,
    You are blessed with great kayaking coasts. We are too in Oz but everything is so big. Beaches can go for 100km without change and we have pounding shore breaks for most of it. There are great spots to but often you have to paddle countless miles to get there. On top of that, everything here wants to kill you. BTW, thanks for stopping by at my blog. Appreciated.

  4. Hi Douglas,
    I would echo your sentiments there.

    From that day I do however recall paddling from 9am until 11pm, with a few stops granted (even a couple of Guinneye).
    Forecast for this weekend looks pretty poor for sea kayaking or MTB (rain and wind!), probably more suited for the river. cheers Tony

  5. This is what you call;
    A Scottish Siesta.... on the Rocks.
    Dreaming about new adventures??

  6. Alison and Michael you both display the necessary commitment!

    Brad even in Scotland, sea kayakers are not top of the food chain. We have midges....

    Tony, if I recall correctly, we did about 35 km. We had stops for second and third breakfast (+ snooze), luncheon, church, evening meal and (my recollection is of a different number of) Guinneye then two comfort stops before final touch down.

    Cobber, in Scotland, we live the dream!