Thursday, November 29, 2007

End of a perfect day on Iona

After leaving Iona Abbey and Martyr's Bay Restaurant and Bar David and Mike headed straight back across the Sound of Iona for Fidden. Tony and I decided to do a little more paddling and found this amazing cave (complete with white sand beach) on the SE of Iona about 21:30hrs.

On finally leaving Iona, we took a last detour via Tinker's Hole. We eventually returned to Fidden at 22:30. We had covered a mere 34km but felt we deserved a rest.



  1. Douglas, please stop posting pictures like that. Now I have to go to Iona too :-)


  2. Doesn't look like there was enough room for both of you to land on that beach...

  3. Rene, I must insist on posting more! I just cannot believe how lucky we are to have this wonderful playground on our doorstep!

    Peter, it had actually opened out there at the end, nearer the entrance it was only a couple of feet wide.