Thursday, November 22, 2007

Eilean Annraidh, Iona

This view from Eilean Annraidh, which lies to the north of Iona, has inspired artists for at least 200 years. In the distance lies Ulva and the Wilderness of Mull.

We landed here for a rest after making our way up the west coast of Iona.


  1. Its really beautiful! I'm trawling the net for something else altogether, but those pictures are breathtaking (I google mapped iona.)

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    And thought this is a good enough way to locate participants..

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  2. I love your photography. I'm a photographer myself but not set up for the wet so I appreciate geat stuff. Have you done video? I'd love to see a movie of the areas you paddle.

  3. Michael thank you!

    Mamtha, thank you! Unfortunately I miss one end of your age distribution by 20 years (not saying which) and quite a few of the regulars here are not from the UK but I hope some of our UK readers will help you!

    Brad, Thank you! When you have a Canon 5d out on deck with no waterproofing, it sharpens the mind!

    I used to do a bit of video, I have an ancient Sony Hi8 and the first Panasonic 3ccd video cameras. I even have a Panasonic DV10000 video recorder which has analogue inputs and a firewire output. Not only that I have a full dive housing for the Sony. So I really have no excuse. I will need to see what I can do.