Thursday, August 23, 2007

MacKinnon's Cave

Continuing our voyage of discovery up the Wilderness coast of Mull, we came upon MacKinnon's Cave, the deepest in the whole of the Hebrides.

By happen chance the low summer evening sun was shining directly into the depths of the cave which reach over 180 meters into the heart of the mountain. When Boswell and Johnson visited in 1773 they suffered "a penury of light" provided by a single candle. How would they have written about the wondrous cave light we saw?


  1. I gather this cave cannot be paddled inside. Still, a remarkable site to explore, without doubt. What good timing to have the sunlight flooding your way in!

  2. Michael, at high tide the only way in is by boat but it has a lovely dry sandy floor. At low tide you can walk in to the cave hanging onto ropes as you cross the rocks.