Tuesday, July 31, 2007

First glimpse of the Wilderness

Loch na Keal nearly bisects the mountainous isle of Mull. The B8073 to the hamlet of Ulva Ferry hugs its north coast. After a long climb you crest a ridge and are confronted with your first view of the Wilderness. 50 million years ago the lavas from the great Ben More volcano were finally halted by the sea here at the edge of the Ardmeanach peninsula. The cliffs of the Wilderness now tumble steeply for 370 metres to the shores of Loch na Keal below. Today the Wilderness is home only to goats, sea eagles and pelagic sea kayakers. Our first glimpse of the Wilderness set our hearts beating in anticipation of an outstanding paddle. We were not to be disappointed.


  1. Douglas, I just wanted to thank you for your photos and blog which I came across recently.

    As someone who lives on Mull and wants to expand her kayaking horizons I've found your posts over the last few days particularly inspiring!

    The centre I live and work at is in a bay on the Ross of Mull.

  2. Thanks Dot, plenty more of Mull Ulva Gometra Iona Inch Kenneth and the Ross of Mull to come....

  3. Dot, you lucky thing! What a gorgeous place to live and paddle. Can't wait to see more, Douglas!