Friday, June 15, 2007

Summer mist on Jura.

Last Saturday dawned clear but a bank of sea mist rolled down West Loch Tarbert and hid Ruantallain from the world. Our clothes and tents became completely saturated as the droplets of water settled on every surface. Even the midges were grounded.

It was a surreal experience rockhopping up the wild coast of Jura. The mist muffled all sounds and we paddled steadily on, isolated in our own world.

Finally the sky began to clear at the great bay of Shian where we stopped for second breakfast. The vault of the sky became blue and the sun burned down. The adventure continues...


  1. Make a coffee table book with your photos! They all take my breath away. You seem to always be in the most idyllic places with the most fascinating quality of light.

  2. Wendy thank you! I really appreciate your comment as your own photography is superb. Yes I am planning a coffee table book once I retire!

    The light in Scotland is very variable, it and the weather are always changing. That's why weather items frequently make UK national news and its ood for photography!