Monday, June 18, 2007

Sea kayaking paradise on Jura!

Floating on crystal clear waters, we continued our journey north along the west coast of Jura.

We passed more amazing bays with arches and dunes which had been carved by ancient storms on seas which had long retreated.

The mist burned off and midsummer sun beat down on a windless sea. We landed on this idyllic cove.

From above the water looked so inviting....

that we went for a swim. (Photo Tony Page. )


  1. I'm observing your Monday post on Sunday!

  2. Ah Wendy that's Jura time for you. Most of the UK adopted the Gregorian calender in place of the Julian calender in 1752 but the Julian calender was maintained in Jura until living memory!

  3. that is so beautiful, I am so jealous!

  4. Claire, it was simply stunning, I stuill cant't beleive we were so lucky!