Sunday, June 10, 2007

Ferry gliding #2

Following a recent Seakayakphoto article on ferry gliding, it is fair to say that the mailbox here at Seakayakphoto Towers received a number of complaints from earnest sea kayakers. They were concerned that we were not taking things seriously enough. Some thought we might be confusing new entrants to the sport not to mention leading them astray by condoning unseakayaking practices. Others said bluntly that we were a profound threat to hard won ethical standards of sea kayaking behaviour.

Well staff here at do our best to keep a broad readership happy.

Tony and I found this lovely little channel, just up the west coast from Glasgow. Where better, we thought, to try a little light ferry gliding?


  1. hi there, I visited Scarba about ten years ago on an adventure week thought it was fab, the wildlife & scenery was breath taking, the view from the top was excellent!

    I watched a small fishing boat struggling its way northwestwards around the top of Jura against the flow, at times it looked as if it were half submerged in the water with the weir effect of the currents, I remember seeing the whirlpools & thinking of the many boats & ships of past that have missjudged, sunk & perished in those cold, dangerous waters. I read your small story about your kayaking trip, seen your fab pics & just wanted you to know that I think you are very brave to take on the Corryvreckan, in a kayak of all things!!!! Good on yi!

  2. Anyone here like fishing for bass. I just landed a 5 pounder and had to tell someone. Also, would be interested in your experience with different lures for catching bass. Let me know. Thanks Bass Fishing

  3. Hello there Bass Fishing, A 5lb sea bass sounds like my idea of fishing perfection. So far I have caught lots of mackerel, very tasty, lots of pollock, not so tasty so I put them back, 1 flounder, very tasty and no sea bass but I keep trying!!

    Any tips will be gratefully received!

  4. Hi Duncan thank you! We were careful with the times of the tides!