Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Ocean Paddler

On July 13th 2007, the UK will get a new seakayaking magazine: Ocean Paddler. It is being launched by two friends of mine, Graeme "Bertie" Beckram and Richard Parkin.

Hopefully you might be able to read articles based on trips like this one.

I wish Bertie and Rich the very best in their exciting new venture.


  1. I wonder if they have plans to distribute the magasine electronically and/or overseas? As SeaKayaker magasine loses it's original focus as an 'serious enthusiasts' magasine, it would be nice to replace it with one once again written by real enthusiasts. This is not to put down SK mag. Obviously they feel their audience is changing and are changing so suit, but it leaves the field open for magasine for enthusiasts of open water paddling. The best of luck to them!

  2. Hi Douglas!
    The new magazine has a great photographer! Looks very promising!

  3. Hello Michael and Hans, they promise to cover Europe and since they are distributing by mail order, it should be possibly to buy it any where. I expect good quality writing and photographs from anywhere in the world would be welcomed by the editor.