Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Gigha sunset

Seen from Gigha, the sunsets behind the Paps of Jura are among the finest anywhere on the west coast of Scotland.

Room with a view.

I do like a bonfire but at this time of year last season's vegetation is tinder dry and you need to be very careful not to set the whole countryside alight like two campers recently did in Galloway. In this case the wind was blowing strongly offshore and we lit the fire below high water mark.

We enjoyed a quiet libation of Ardbeg malt whisky. Its peaty aroma blended perfectly with the smoke from the fire and its amber liquid glowed in the embers of first the sunset and then the fire. It seemed highly appropriate to drink it here under a Hebridean sky. The distillery is only 25km away on Islay across the Sound of Jura.


  1. Hi Douglas,

    Absolutely brilliant pictures from your Gigha trip. Specially the first picture with the sunset over the Paps of Jura and the Kayaks in the foreground.

    I have posted something on my Islay Weblog about your trip.


  2. Thank you Ron, you have a great blog there.

    Although Tony is an Islay regular, I have never been :o( This situation needs to be rectified quickly. I can see a seakayaking distillery tour of Islay coming on!

  3. Gosh Douglas, what a great day out. These are terrific pictures and I especially like the bonfire.

  4. Gigha and whiskey, sunset and bonfires, eh? You can almost see why Scotland needs to get off by itself and control immigration before the place get too crowded! Great post!

  5. DSD and Michael, thank you. There is a big problem living and sea kayaking in Scotland: it is very difficult to justify the time and expense exploring somewhere else when all this is on your doorstep.

  6. perhaps a distillery kayak tour next?

  7. Alison, plans are well under way!


  8. see next post - re career change :)