Sunday, April 01, 2007

The Amazing Rhinns of Galloway

One of several Mull of Logan arches

Yesterday we explored another part of the Rhinns of Galloway coastline, which is washed by the powerful tides of the North Channel which separates Scotland and Ireland. It was one day before maximum spring tides so there was considerable disturbance round the headlands.

Surfing into Ardwell Bay

Portayew Bay

We passed several bold headlands with tidal races; Mull of Logan, Money Head, and Black Head (above).

Just one of innumerable caves.

We left from Port Logan and headed north west to Killantringan Bay to the north of Black Head. We had amazing rock hopping amongst a maze of stacks and skerries and some of the most perfect arches and caves I have found anywhere on the west coast of Scotland. We passed deserted beaches, ancient duns and castles and all in all had the most perfect day. I am amazed that there is so little mention of this incredible coastline in Scottish sea kayaking circles.


  1. I suspect when we look at maps for good paddling spots, we are lulled into thinking that a straight coastline offers little excitment. Your posting proves we always need to take a closer look! Sounds like a fun outing!

  2. Despite holidaying on the Solway for years I have never thought of paddling that coast. I will be up at Easter and it looks like a visit to Port Logan is now a must. Thanks for this post.
    See you soon Alan