Sunday, February 11, 2007

Sunday afternoon tea and surf at Culzean Castle

Culzean Castle is perched precariously on the edge of cliffs.

It poured all morning but at 12 midday Tony and I decided to head for Maidens on the Ayrshire coast of the Firth of Clyde. The clouds and rain hung over Ayr on the journey down but the sun came out when we launched. The WWW is working well these days, Tony was most impressed.

We headed south from Maidens, past Turnberry light house then headed out into about 1m of swell off Turnberry Point. Then we ran with the swell all the way up to Carrick Bay, to the south of Culzean (pron. Culane). Most of the swell was about 1m but there were occasional biggies and on one of these I got a real good surf up to 20.3km/hr.

GPS screen dump.

Approaching Turnberry Point from the south.

Turnberry lighthouse.

Carrick Bay.

We had a very pleasant cup of tea in the magnificent sandy cove of Carrick which lies under the cliffs of Culzean. After exploring the sheltered shoreline beneath the Castle, we made our way home in the sunset. We got back to Maidens before dark.

Another fantastic day draws to a close.


  1. What a magnificent shot of a castle. I am so green (ok, part of that is the bloody chlorine - where my boat & I have to hang out these frigid months). Douglas - what's that on your bow - tubes for spare paddle? I figure I have my deck set up all wrong. Need to have an article on this (i.e. what to have on deck for extended paddle). cheers, Alison

  2. Hello Alison, I keep my splits on the foredeck. The plastic tubes are threaded onto the decklines. They are cut from an empty sealant cannister that fits into one of those DIY squeeze guns.

    Having the splits on the front means it is easier to get back in over the back in an assisted rescue, should that ever be necessary!

    I got the idea from Cailean.