Saturday, February 03, 2007

Heading for Arran

Fog is lifting sun coming through. We will be paddling back in moonlight.


  1. And here in Canada, it is -30 degrees Celsius (including the windchill factor) with 60 km/h winds!

    Oh, to see such a glorious day...Your images transport me in my imagination.

  2. Hello Wendy, we are very lucky here in Scotland to be able to paddle throughout the year. Do not think it was warm though. Once the sun went down, the temperature dropped like a stone and a chilling wind got up.

    This and the next few posts were sent from my mobile phone on location in real time, as it were. The photos from the phone did not come through and neither did all the posts. I must delve through Blogger help to see if it is possible to post a photo from a mobile phone. It would be handy (if it was) for your summer circumnavigation with Derrick.