Sunday, February 25, 2007

Another fabulous day on the Clyde

Flat calm start to the day.

We took the ferry to Bute then headed over the West Kyle of Bute to Ardlamont Point on the mainland.

We then headed down pat the west side of Inchmarnock before heading back to Bute.

Of course it did not stay calm and we had a brisk paddle into the wind for the last 9km.

It does not end there. I got the car stuck in the mud just as it was getting dark and the rain started and we only had 30 mins to catch the last ferry! Fortunately a friendly farm lad came with a very large JCB and pulled me out with a huge chain. (I had my tow hitch on.) We made the ferry by the skin of our teeth.

What a day!


  1. What is sticking out of your daughter's ear?

    Mark R

  2. That top photo is beautiful. Wish I could have been there.

  3. Thanks! This site is very inspring, even from the other side of the North Sea. Well done! Trond Hagenes, Havstril padleklubb

  4. Lovely images...and here the lakes are still solidly frozen.

  5. Mark, It is a component of a contraption called an Ipod, function uncertain.

    Rob, It was stunning, but the north west wind was cold. I had a drysuit and a double layer fleece designed for diving in Arctic waters! I think you might be enjoying a tad warmer spell at the moment.

    Havstrill, Thank you! I have linked in return.

    Wendy, It was cold, not as cold, but cold none the less!