Saturday, December 02, 2006

Subterranean echoes of dripping water.

As I paddled alone deep inside the cave, the sounds of the outside world gradually diminished. There was only the gentlest of swell and it hardly disturbed the calm at the back of the cave. After some moments my ears and eyes gradually adjusted to the noises and colours in the cave. There was the most wonderful sound of water dripping from the darkness of the cave roof into the sea beside me. The drips echoed round walls of iridescent reds and greens above a turquoise sea.

This is sea kayaking


  1. A lot of bloggers do not have photos today, but what is the point of a photo blog without the photo?

    Despite Blogger's WYSIWYG menus being down it will still take HTML code to photos on another server.

    I wrote and posted the words first. I hope they would have helped to convey the experience of the cave if the photos had not appeared.

    Douglas :o)

  2. Nonetheless, interesting colours in this cave of yours! My cave on Lake Champlain had little in the way of colour, but I imagined many a man hiding from marauding band of Iroquois in the early days...

  3. Fair point Douglas about HTML code being a solution to yesterday's little problem. A blog can just words, photos or a mixture - its a very individual thing however most humans like visual images as we both know.

  4. Cailean, I have just seen your solution, much more elegant! There is a valuable lesson to be learned for seakayaking here. If you find yourself in a problem situation, consider several different solutions rather than the first one you think of. Another may carry the "Get Home" ticket.