Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Sea Kayak by Gordon Brown

Pesda Press have announced a publication date of 7/12/2006 for a much awaited book. "Sea Kayak" is a modern guide to sea kayaking for intermediate to advanced sea kayakars. The author is Gordon Brown; authority, guru, maestro, mentor and all round good guy from Skye.

Two taster chapers have been posted on the Pesda website. Chapter 12 covers "Reading the water" while chapter 15 deals with "Big Swell". Both will have the sea kayaking community salivating with anticipation.

The opening photo of chapter 15 features Cailean on the crest of a wave. To quote from Gordon in chapter 15:

If you have a distant horizon the waves are less than one metre.
If your horizon is the crest of the wave immediately in front, the waves are over a metre.
Anything bigger than this is only talk for the party afterwards.

Some party Cailean!


  1. I'm looking forward to reading this book, as are many others, I'm sure. I understand many of the pictures in the book are your work. Is this so? If so, good on you, mate!

  2. Hello Michael, as far as I know there may be one or two shots of Cailean in the book but that is all.
    Douglas :o)

  3. Looks like Sea Kayak by Gordon Brown will be available in the US through Virginia Sea Kayak Center's online store: later this month (January '07)

  4. Hello to US readers. I have my copy now and can thoroughly recommend it. It is stuffed full of nuggets of Gordon's experience and ideas to try.
    Douglas :o)