Thursday, October 26, 2006

P&H Quest LV

I have just written up a long term test of the P&H Quest LV for UK Paddles magazine. It will be published in the December issue which hits the shops at the beginning of November. The Quest LV is a superb all round sea kayak. It is just as fast as the Quest but is much more manouverable and responsive to edging. The finish on the test boat was faultless. Unlike my favourite day trip boat, the Valley Nordkapp LV, there is plenty of room for campers who are not minimalists! It covers a wide range of user weights and all but the biggest and heaviest of paddlers should consider the Quest LV before the Quest. My one reservation is the padded plastic seat which is mounted very high in the boat. A no cost GRP option is mounted much lower and gives much more stability when paddling unloaded.


  1. Is it much bigger than the Nordkapp LV?

  2. Hello, the Quest LV is a much bigger boat than the Nordkapp LV. They are not really comparable. For my weight of 80kg the Nordkapp LV is best as a day boat. The Quest LV has a much wider range of loading capacity. I can use it as a camping boat but my 60kg daughter can still use it as a day boat.