Monday, November 12, 2012

Between a rock and a hard place.

 Eventually we got into the lee of the cliffs and continuing close inshore...

 ...we paddled in calm conditions with Ailsa Craig on one side and...

 ...the old gas house at Culzean on the other. The gas house was completed in 1878 and supplied coal gas for lighting...

  ...Culzean Castle until 1901 when it was converted to produce acetylene gas. This was used to light the castle until 1947 when its new owners, the National Trust for Scotland, finally installed electricity.

The castle had been the seat of the Kennedy family for centuries. Increasing costs made it hard for the castle and estate to remain in private ownership. It was finally handed over to the NTS in 1945 by the widow of the 4th Marquis and the 5th Marquis and it is now open to the public. It is always a great part of a trip on this coast when we are paddling below its walls.

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